Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc.

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Community Outreach in Southeast Queens, NY

EQA does community outreach in Southeast Queens, NY, through community cafes, roundtables, public and community-wide meetings, and the Sustainable Southeast Queens newsletter in a bid to identify and tackle issues that heavily affect our people. We regularly explore and identify viable approaches and solutions to common problems and concerns that cut across neighborhood boundaries, affecting many of us in Southeast Queens. We strive to be proactive rather than reactive. We strive to be collaborative with those in a position to make decisions that impact us.

The six broad Areas of Emphasis identified and on which we focus are:

Room Full of People
Our yearly program is consistent with our Areas of Emphasis. It’s important to note. These areas were very much in evidence in a white paper entitled “A Comprehensive Plan—“Maximizing Quality of Life in Southeast Queens,” rolled out in 2005 after a series of intense meetings with a true cross-section of community leaders and interested residents. While the focus may shift based on analysis of current situations, this document is still relevant and is the guide-star of our areas of emphasis, annual Alliance activities, events, and projects.

Current EQA Working Groups are:

  • Community/Police Relations
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Waste Management

All interested persons are welcome to become active members of our working groups.

Room Full of People
People Having a Meeting

Sustainable Southeast Queens Newsletter Issues

EQA also hosts community forums and conferences as appropriate. During the pandemic, these forums have become virtual. If you want to attend our events or become a part of our coalition, get in touch with us through the contact details provided on our Contact Us page.