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Idlewild Environmental Center

The Idlewild Park Evironmental Science Learning Center has been a major initiative of the Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc.
About Us/Goals and Objectives
Major environmental projects of the Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc. (EQA), have been the restoration of Idlewild Park Preserve and the creation of an environmental science learning center, replete with not only a physical environmental center building, but trails, boardwalks, overlooks, informational kiosks, open classrooms and activity nodes.
The overarching goal of the environmental center project is to develop environmental awareness and the education of the children and adults in the Southeast Queens Community with a view towards creating environmental stewardship and advocacy.

Our major current project goals are three-fold:

  1. To continue to educate children and adults, including educators, about the importance and ecological benefits of Idlewild Park Preserve and its wetlands, the Jamaica Bay Watershed, and the entire New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary.
  2. To help adults and children understand the relationship between that which man does, its impact on nature, and how all of that aligns with global warming and climate change using the park as a metaphor.
  3. To promote awareness and understanding of the elements of sustainability, resilience, and environmental justice and their relationship to our quality of life.

Specifically, Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc. provides:

  • hands-on environmental science education for children in public and private schools through in-school workshops, field trips, and after/out of session workshops;
  • stewardship building activities for children & adults;
  • recreational/cultural events in Idlewild Park Preserve to promote the park as an ecologically important area and motivate people to actively participate in stewardship and educational initiatives for the park;
  • environmental justice initiatives and advocacy activities, i.e., citizen science studies, community cafes, and workshops on environmental and sustainability topics.

The center is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Hours subject to change based on specific programming. )



For information: 347-824-2301

Elevation Center Plan
Kids Assembling a Robots

Event/Meeting Space


The Idlewild Environmental Center offers a unique space for organizations to hold meetings, small conferences, and other appropriate events. The space consists of two small classrooms that can be opened into one large space. Tables and chairs are provided for use inside the classroom area. There is an outdoor classroom porch that can serve as a platform for special events. No outdoor furniture is provided.

–Capacity is 74 persons in the center and –approximately 150 outdoors.
–Alcohol is not permitted.
–Entities must have liability insurance on which the Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc. and the NYC DPR are listed as other insured.
–Price is for Up to 4-hour meetings/events.
–You will not be allowed to hang anything overhead or attach anything to our walls or floors or any other part of our building.
–Center decorations cannot be moved or taken down.
–You are responsible for removing and cleaning up anything that you brought in.

Call for rates and availability.

Requests for use and pricing should be made through email to info@easternqueensalliance.org at least one month ( 30 Days in advance).

Little Girl Wearing Pink
People Inside the Center
Kid Using a Magnifying Glass
Kids Using a Microscope