Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc.

Speaking truth! Speaking truth to Power! Working for a Sustainable Southeast Queens!


Through cafes, roundtables, public and community-wide meetings and forums, virtual and in person, and the Sustainable Southeast Queens newsletter, the EQA actively engages the community to identify and tackle the issues that heavily affect our neighborhoods. We regularly explore and identify viable approaches and solutions to common problems and concerns that cut across neighborhood boundaries in Southeast Queens.

As a result, we have identified six Areas of Emphasis that we address through our various EQA initiatives.

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1. Community Development

To maintain, protect, enhance and improve the quality and character of our communities by improving the condition, appearance, and maintenance of our neighborhoods, as well as increasing community awareness and advocacy for inclusion and involvement in the planning and provision of community services, as well as the enforcement of governmental ordinances, regulations, codes designed to protect the quality of life in our communities.


2. Economic Viability

To increase the capacity of our communities to generate the necessary employment and income levels needed to maintain, improve and grow our communities by encouraging business investment and skills training to create employment opportunities for residents; fostering relationships with various business owners and entrepreneurs to help achieve this goal; ensuring that our communities have the political, social, economic, and physical tools positioned in the right places to revitalize our communities, rehabilitate affordable housing, attract investments, build wealth, encourage entrepreneurship, and create jobs.


3. Health & Environment

To promote a safe, clean, healthy environment in Southeast Queens through raising community awareness and understanding of environmental harms and risks and impacts on community health and promoting environmental education and awareness, including the importance of balanced, sustainable communities. To advocate for environmental monitoring and assessment, environmental protection, the enforcement of environmental justice policies, and a well-designed healthcare infrastructure that truly meets the needs of all Southeast Queens communities.


4. Parks, Open Space, and Green Infrastructure

To educate children and adults about and advocate for the development, preservation, and maintenance of our parks, open spaces, and green infrastructure. To develop, enhance and increase public awareness, usage, and stewardship of our parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities. To continue our preservation and stewardship initiatives in Idlewild Park Preserve and other ecologically sensitive natural resources by raising community awareness about the importance of and need for their preservation and enhancement. To foster and advocate for the development of robust recreational and community programs to meet the needs of our communities.


5. Education

To ensure that education in our schools is provided through a multicultural lens emphasizing the historical perspectives, contributions, and cultures of all people. To advocate for the development and ongoing enrichment of educational, recreational, environmental, multicultural, leadership, and vocational programs offered by public and private entities to support our youth and adult learners; To raise community awareness about the programs offered in our schools.


6. Safety

To ensure that our communities are informed of general safety issues identified by the Alliance as current critical safety concerns. To better relationships between the community and the NYPD through various proven strategies, including police reforms to effectuate a decrease in criminal activity across our communities and an increase in home and neighborhood safety. To ensure the necessary training needed for effective emergency management during times of disaster, both natural and manmade.