The Eastern Queens Alliance reaches out through roundtables, community cafes, public and other community-wide meetings.  It provides forums for community leaders of civic associations, community/neighborhood organizations, block associations, community representatives, residents and officials, etc. to come together to explore and identify viable approaches and solutions to common problems and concerns that cut across neighborhood boundaries in Southeast Queens. The five broad areas of interest identified and on which we focus are: Community Development, Environment and Health. Education, Parks and Open Space, and Safety.  

In 2005, the Alliance rolled out its white paper entitled "A Comprehensive Plan--Maximizing Quality of Life in Southeast Queens." This document has become the guiding  star of our Areas of Emphasis, Alliance activities and projects. As we move forward, the EQA sets goals and objectives, strategizes,  and plans ways of securing commitments from appropriate agencies and elected officials to bring about the implementation of recommendations outlined in the whitepaper and on which we have decided to focus for the year under our Areas of Emphasis.

Future forums and conferences are hosted by the Program Committee of the Alliance. Interested in attending ? Please email us your contact information at: info@easternqueensalliance.org


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Alliance or any of its committees or work groups, also contact us at info@easternqueensalliance.org or 347 824-2301.