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Idlewild Park Preserve--The Jewel of Southeast Queens

Since 2003, one of the main projects of the Alliance has been the preservation and restoration of the wetlands in Idlewild Park Preserve, an approximately 225 acre natural Forever Wild site located just north of JFK Airport that is not only the Head of the Bay, but is a major source of fresh water to Jamaica Bay. It is home to many rare species like the snowy egret, ospreys, diamond-back terrapins,  fiddler crabs, etc..

In tandem with wetland preservation and restoration in Idlewild, it is also the goal of EQA to establish an Idlewild Park Salt Marsh Environmental Science Learning Center through which environmental education will be provided to children and families of the community at large. The design plans for the environmental center are well under way. Ground breaking is scheduled for Fall of 2013. In the meantime, the Alliance runs the precursor of a full-scale environmental education program. (Go to for further information about our current environmental education programs.)

To accomplish its goals*, the Eastern Queens Alliance formed an Idlewild Park Preservation Committee, a broad-based coalition of community, agency and government representatives who share this vision. High up on its agenda is to generate a sustained spirit of community volunteerism and support. EQA recognizes that community education and community involvement are vital to bring this project to fruition. It invites you to help us to preserve and restore this jewel nature has given us by becoming a part of the Idlewild Park solution!

To work towards the accomplishment of its objectives, the Alliance is actively seeking funding. Thus far, it has applied for and been awarded several small grants from NYS DEC, the Kaplan Fund, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the NYC Environmental Fund, legislative grants, Con Edison and HEP. 

Through a contract with EDAW Inc., an international landscape architectural firm, an award-winning master concept plan and schematic design was completed. The implementation of this vision for a restored Idlewild replete with trails, walkways, boardwalks, blinds and open classroom areas  will increase not only the opportunities for environmental education and recreation, but for collaboration with research teams in wetland restoration and management, too.  Currently, a subsets of that master plan, calling for aquatic restoration, trails, and an open classroom, are under design development.

*See the IdlewildStrategicPlan.pdf for additional information